We are a locally owned & operated family business, proudly serving the Greater St. Albert area for over 30 years.


We proudly use Manderley sod due to their drought resistance. Once installed, we review proper care requirements to ensure optimal root establishment for a thick and healthy lawn. Regular maintenance of your lawn is essential to avoid growing too many weeds while promoting healthy growth for the grass and root system. This includes adequate watering, fertilizing, yearly power raking, aeration & overseeding.

Final Grade

A final grade is the process of installing & appropriately levelling topsoil over the existing 'rough grade' (clay base). This will promote proper drainage and flow of excess water away from existing structures. The flow of water is based on the elevations found within your property’s plot plan or rough grade. This is typically the most important process to avoid property damages caused by water. It is important to note that ground can shift and sink over time, quite often grading around structures needs to be assessed and repaired to avoid any potential leaks or flooding.

Paving Stones

Paving stone patios or walkways are functional and add a breath-taking aesthetic to your property. Having a clear vision for a project will ensure wants and needs are met for years to come. Some important factors to consider are: shape, size, preferred materials, purpose of project, frequency of use and number of people regularly using the area.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are rigid structures designed to restrain soil to a slope that wouldn’t naturally be possible.  They are usually constructed in areas of undesirable slope to increase the usable area of a yard. Retaining walls are also commonly used for tree surrounds and raised flower/plant beds. While the building process is similar despite product choice, the design & styles are vast. To protect your investment in this project, it is important the retaining wall is properly designed and constructed by our professional and very experienced team.


Fences add privacy and value to you property. With the many design options, fences can reflect your personal aesthetic. Note that many areas require a specific style of fence to be built.  We ensure the true property line is delineated and proper materials be used to ensure your fence is well constructed and last for years to come. * All fences are constructed with pressure treated wood.


Due to harsh winter climate, weathering on outdoor wood surfaces is inevitable. We proudly offer staining & painting services for your outdoor needs. Carefully selecting the proper product and application method will protect your lumber and help colours last as long as possible. Hiring us to apply a fresh coat of paint or stain will certainly improve and maintain the look of any property. Not only that but the burden of this time & labour intensive task will be in good hand.

Tree/Shrub Planting

Plant life is an integral component of any landscape design. We work with all our customers to select tress and/or shrubs that meet their vision, but also meet zoning guidelines & sun exposure requirements for optimal growth and longevity.

Garden Boxes

We highly encourage every homeowner to grow fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Garden boxes are an ideal option for growing when sun exposure or space is limited. All garden boxes are custom made from cedar wood (non-toxic) so chemicals will not leach into the soil.

Tip: Apply raw linseed oil each spring to preserve the natural color of the wood longer.